Scrib. The root word meaning, "to write".

Each Scrib journal, notebook, card & bookmark is hand-crafted by artisans, making yours one-of-a-kind! Whether you use your notebook or journal to scribble, describe, or inscribe,
welcome to the Scrib experience!

Scrib is a small business located in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

We take pride in offering superior quality, handmade, eco-friendly items & excellent customer service. Check out a few of our reviews below!

  • Sara A.

    Free shipping which I love! Product is cheap and made so well and is so cute! It also came really quick and the packaging was super amazing. Thank you for this amazing product!!

  • Trinity B.

    Three of these notebooks come in a pack, and I LOVE THEM. I have one in my purse, one on my bedside table, and one on my desk. I highly recommend these to people that enjoy writing about their day. I also removed the back cover of one to plant. I can't wait for the white daisies to grow!!

  • Renae M.

    Absolutely love this book. I use the book to type my memories of my daughter and son in laws wedding. I typed up 4x6 sheets and attached them to each page. The quality of this journal is top notch!

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